Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Standen-Pearson: New Powavator efficiently mixes nematicides

By WniF editors

Standen-Pearson Potato Systems has launched its new Powavator rotary bed tiller that has been developed in response to chemical companies revised recommendations for nematicide application.
The front-mounted Powavator 150-70 includes a new linkage and a special adjustable bed-forming hood, designed specifically for the efficient mixing of nematicides within the top six inches of prepared bed tilth. A rear-mounted model is also available.
Since the soil has already been bed-formed and destoned at this stage before planting, tests have shown that the Powavator’s stubble tine – a simple straight tine – is best suited to the mixing process. This final cultivation prior to planting is carried out without disturbing the lower bed structure or the clod/stone separated soil.
The front-mounted Powavator 150-70 is built by Standen Engineering at its Ely factory. It features an oil-immersed gear side drive and can accept a variety of different manufacturers’ nematicide applicators. The retail price starts at £9,776.

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