Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Bomford: New Hawk VFA to make Lamma debut

By WniF editors

Following the development by Bomford of the Variable Forward Arm (VFA) concept for arm mowers in 2013, and its initial introduction on the larger Falcon, the range has now been increased with a new VFA version of the Hawk, which will be launched at the 2015 Lamma Show.

Unlike conventional arm mowers that have a rigid arm design that only allows the arm and head to move at 90 degrees to the tractor, the VFA concept incorporates a unique new parallel-linkage system that enables the arm to be moved backwards and forwards parallel to the tractor.

The Hawk VFA will initially be available in a 6.0m reach version and the design of the parallel linkage system means that in addition to altering the reach of the mowing head, from a position alongside the cab the mowing head can also be moved forward and back over a total traverse of almost 2.4 metres.

The ability to move the mowing head forward and back, gives the operator the flexibility to position the mowing head alongside the tractor that suits him best for optimum visibility. Also, when an obstacle such as a road sign is reached, the arm can be easily moved around the obstacle, without needing to shuttle the tractor backwards and forwards.

The Hawk VFA is carried on the tractor’s three-point linkage, which allows the mower to be quickly and easily removed, so that the tractor can be used for other jobs, but is optionally available with axle mounting.

The standard specification includes an independent hydraulic system for the mowing head, powered by a twin-gear type pump developing 60hp for consistent cutting power. The Hawk VFA is operated using the Bomford ICS fully proportional fingertip control unit.

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