Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Reco: Brevi flail mower range launched

By WniF editors

Reco has extended its portfolio of Italian manufacturer Breviglieri’s range of machinery with the addition of a range of flail mowers and off-set verge mowers.

This new range of mowers are mechanical, PTO-driven implements designed for chopping residues, shredding cereal plant stalks and crop residues in the open field, maintaining roadside verges and ditches, maintaining green areas and fallow land among others tasks.

Lightweight with easy manoeuvrability, the multi-purpose side-shift mowers (pictured above) are suitable for general grass cutting, topping and mulching, and therefore are ideal equipment for the landscape and amenity maintenance market.

These mowers range from modesl suitable for between 15 to 180hp, in low- to heavy-duty models with working widths of up to 4m. Suitable for small and compact tractors, these models can be fitted to the three-point linkage of the front or rear hydraulic lift to offer the ideal solution for grounds maintenance.

With a high front clearance these models can provide topping, mowing and pruning up to 2cm to 7cm for efficient pasture control.

Standard features include: a double-skin frame; optional inner double toothed counter-knives; a gearbox unit with over-running clutch; a rear PTO; and rotors that are equipped with universal Tri-Y or hammer knives for a more uniformed cut.

Reco is now offering the Breviglieri range of offset flail mowers in the UK.

The range of Brevi offset flail mowers offer a solution for farmers and landscape professionals required to maintain roadsides, hedges and embankments.

These models can be operated in a variety of conditions thanks to their hitch position capability, and can easily mow behind a tractor or shift to the side while working on slopes.

The hydraulically controlled tilting mechanism allows operating the mulching head at an angle that will enable maintenance of embankment slopes and verges while keeping the tractor in a safe position.

This series ranges from the Mini Master that’s ideal for 15 to 40hp tractors and for clearing venegation up to 3cm thick, to the heavy-duty Hypermaster XL offset mower that’s suitable for 120hp tractors and is ideal for contractors required to clear slopes, ditches and general green areas with brus and scrub up to 6cm in diameter.

Standard features include: rear floating Category II three-point hitch; side and tilt hydraulic shift working positions; double-welded skin frame; and the option of being fitted with an anti-shock hydraulic safety valve on the side shifting cylinder allowing the machine to safely return to the non-working position if an unexpected obstacle is encountered.

Models range from 15 to 120hp with working widths of up to 2.5m.

For more information visit: www.reco.co.uk.

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