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Massey Ferguson: Large square baler ProCut system is a cut above the rest

By WniF editors

Massey Ferguson has announced the launch of the new ProCut system for the MF 2200 Series large square balers. Equipped with unique clamp-on rotor fingers, it delivers demanding professional users a huge increase in capacity with a finer, uniform chop while also offering superb service access.

Knives are mounted in a full-width, drop-down bed and held in a ‘magazine’ that rolls out completely to the left-hand side on Easy Glide roller bearings, providing best-in-class access for servicing.

“We know, from customer experience, that chopped silage bales can reduce mixing times in feeder wagons by up to half as well as save power,”Massey Ferguson’s harvest product marketing manager, Mark Grigson, said. “Chopped straw bales are now becoming more widely used for not only bedding, but also part of total mixed rations and users are looking for a finer chop.”

ProCut is available on the MF 2240, MF 2250, MF 2260, MF 2270 and MF 2270 XD.

The 650mm diameter ProCut rotor is equipped with 26mm wide hard-faced, cast steel fingers, which are arranged in a spiral V formation. The rotor has 54 fingers for 80cm wide bales and 108 on 120cm balers and turns at 120rpm – 13 per cent faster than previous designs.

The rotor fingers are made in three sections – each clamping onto the centre tube and held in place with bolts. This unique mounting allows any damaged sections to be replaced quickly without removing the rotor. This allows rotor finger sections to be replaced easily, saving time and maintaining optimum performance.

New Quad Augers, on each side, provide a consistent feed to the rotor. Well proven on Massey Ferguson ‘Packer’ balers, the new augers increase capacity and ensure unrestricted, even feeding.

Uniquely, ProCut balers retain the well proven high capacity packer forks ensuring material is positively moved into the pre-compression chamber for optimum flake formation and consistent bale shape. This system makes perfect ‘flakes’ with even density from the top to the bottom which are at the heart of the renowned Massey Ferguson baler’s consistent bale shape.

ProCut balers benefit from an entirely new, hydraulic drop-down knife bed that holds the knives in a new, full-width magazine that rolls out to the left hand of the machine on Easy Glide roller bearings.

Drop-down knife bed
ProCut balers benefit from an entirely new, hydraulic drop-down knife bed that holds the knives in a new, full-width ‘magazine’ that rolls out to the left hand of the machine on Easy Glide roller bearings.

No tools are required. Simply releasing a catch after lowering the knife bed allows the whole magazine to roll out to one side, providing unrivalled access to the knife bank for servicing and maintenance.

ProCut knives are spaced evenly 43.5mm apart across the bed – with 17 fitted to 80cm wide balers and 26 on 120cm machines – providing a fine, consistent chop. Made from 4mm thick tungsten hardened steel, the knives have a new serration design to stay sharper longer and help cut power consumption.

There are two hydraulically selectable knife banks in the bed’s magazine that allow operators to quickly engage or disengage the knives and change chop lengths. The knife bed is lowered hydraulically from the cab, supported on hydraulic rams on each side of the baler. It’s also very easy to change the knives by simply releasing a locking pin and lifting them out.

Both knife banks are fitted with hydraulic protection. This uses an accumulator on each side that allow each knife bank fold back against the hydraulic pressure – letting foreign objects to pass through.

The MF2200 series ProCut crop flow.

The driveline on Massey Ferguson ProCut balers has been strengthened to handle the higher capacity it now provides. A new gearbox fitted to all six-string models (making 120cm wide bales) has wider, stronger gears, high load bearings and high specification seals that resist heat.

The slip clutch can now transmit 35 per cent more torque, not only increasing capacity but also delivering consistent power for higher outputs.

Other changes include a new slip clutch and a revised cam track design for the pick-up. This slightly ‘advances’ the timing which, tests show, gathers the swath more effectively and this will now be standard on all Massey Ferguson large square balers.

The ProCut system is controlled by the Isobus compatible C1000 terminal, which now includes buttons for knife control as well as pressure overrides.

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