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New Holland: FR Forage Cruiser delivers leading chopping performance

By WniF editors

The new FR Forage Cruiser self-propelled forage harvesters deliver consistently high chop quality and industry-leading crop processing efficiency. This exceptional productivity is further enhanced by the powerful and fuel efficient performance of the new engines – with horsepowers ranging from 476p to 775hp – and EcoBlue Hi-eSCR Stage IV technology, with the top model retaining the 20.1-litre 824hp engine.

The new five-model line-up offers superior comfort in the spacious flagship cab, enabling operators to make the most of the forage harvester’s exceptional productivity with its ergonomic layout and intuitive automation.

“New Holland has been at the forefront of forage harvesting technology for over 50 years with many industry firsts, New Holland’s Lars Skjoldager Sørensen said. “The new FR Forage Cruiser builds on this strong heritage to deliver a highly productive, highly efficient package capable of reliably meeting the requirements of large scale contractors and cooperatives.”

The new FR Forage Cruiser features the largest cutter head in the industry – both in width and diameter – that powers through crop lumps effortlessly. The proven chevron knife design chops cleanly, quickly and, most importantly, uniformly. The cutter head is available in five configurations to match the specific chopping requirements: 2×8, 2×10, 2×12, 2×16 and 2×20 knives for a length of cut range of 6mm to 33mm, 5mm to 27mm, 4mm to 22mm, 3mm to 16mm, and 2mm to 13mm respectively. The proven Hydroloc feedroll drive system enables the operator to adjust the length of cut to match crop conditions on the go.

The large processing rolls, the widest in the industry at 30 inches, maximise throughput. The exclusive Variflow system enables the operator to change effortlessly from grass to corn configuration and back, as well as optimising crop flow in difficult to blow conditions for maximum throughput.

The new FR Forage Cruiser further improves on the spout. Already the widest, easiest to access in the industry, it now features full-length replaceable top and side liners, a new hard-faced flipper, stronger flipper cylinder and improved spout base lubrication. Efficiency can be further increased by automating trailer filling with the award-winning Intellifill spout guidance system: it guides the crop accurately into the trailer whatever the weather conditions, time of day or type of trailer.

Award-winning engines
All models of the new FR series feature engines developed by FPT Industrial. The two smaller models run versions of the proven Cursor 13 engine tuned to the constant high loads experienced when harvesting forage. The FR650 and FR780 mount the new Cursor 16 engine, recently named “Diesel of the Year 2014” by Diesel Magazine. Both engines deliver powerful performances with exceptionally low fuel and DEF consumption.

The top-of-the-range FR850 has a 20.1-litre Vector engine with 824hp.

Tuning specific to forage harvesting delivers almost instantaneous transient response, making the Forage Cruisers able to handle sudden changes in load without stopping or plugging, therefore increasing capacity up to five per cent compared to the previous model (new FR650 versus previous FR700). Fuel and DEF tank capacities are increased on all models to provide the autonomy customers need for long harvesting days. The top model FR850 runs a 20.1-litre Vector engine.

All but the largest model feature EcoBlue Hi-eSCR technology to meet Stge IV emissions standards. As the engine design optimises combustion, particulate formation is very low. The after-treatment system cleans up the NOx created by the high combustion temperatures. The result is powerful performance combined with exceptional fuel efficiency.

The combined effect of the new Cursor engines and the EcoBlue Hi-eSCR technology enables the new FR models to use up to 21 per cent less fuel than the equivalent Stage III model at the same length of cut. Field tests carried out by the German Agriculture Society show that the FR650 model delivers Best-in-Class fuel efficiency of 0.5 lit/tonne chopping at 8mm in maize. A new standard Eco mode setting can reduce fuel consumption in field conditions where it’s not possible to load the engine fully, for example when harvesting low yield crops or in muddy fields. When engaged, the intelligent engine management system controls the engine’s speed and reactivity to minimise fuel use.

New Holland’s PowerCruise system maximises productivity by continually monitoring the actual power required and adapts the forward speed of the FR Forage Cruiser to reach the highest possible work rate through variations in crop conditions in the field.

Model FR480 FR550 FR650 FR780 FR850
Max Power
476hp 544hp 653hp 775hp 824hp

 Premium comfort
The flagship cab of the new FR Forage Cruiser provides operators with a comfortable work station. The ample and quiet cab provides exceptional 360-degree panoramic visibility, with curved windows offering a perfect view of the header and spout, whatever its position. The new Deluxe air-suspended seat features automatic weight adjustment and variable shock absorption.

The backrest, lumbar support, seat pan angle and height are adjustable to provide the perfect seating position for the operator. A new leather and cloth luxury seat with heated and ventilated cushions and suspension upgrades is also available as an option on the top three models. The new slim steering column with a double-jointed design makes it easy to position the steering wheel for the best view of the header and maximum comfort.

Operator comfort and productivity is further enhanced by the intelligent and intuitive automation. All key machine parameters such as header control, spout engagement and Power Cruise activation, are controlled through the CommandGrip multi-function lever. The IntelliView IV monitor provides a view of machine functions at a glance.

For more information visit: www.newholland.com.

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