Friday, November 24, 2017

McConnel: Innovative new PowerArm mounting system

By WniF editors

McConnel has launched a new mounting system for it’s Power Arm nerge and hedge cuters, the four-point hitch stabiliser.

The new system uses traditional three-point linkage mounting but also connects to the tractor’s pick-up hitch for an extra axis of stability.

The mounting system is easy to fit; is compatible with any mounted tractor with a pick-up hitch; and does not require any additional tractor brackets.

The four-point stabiliser kit adds to a range of McConnel mounting options that already includes three-point linkage and five-point axle mounting.

It can be retro-fitted, and is available now for McConnel’s 55-series, 60-series, 65-series, and 70-series Power Arms.

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