Wednesday, November 22, 2017

McConnel: Tuffcut flailhead is perfect for professionals

By WniF editors

McConnel’s new TuffCut flailhead is setting new standards for strength and durability, featuring an innovative new lug design that’s 65 per cent stronger and a larger diameter rotor that’s up to 75 per cent stiffer.

Created to withstand the busy workloads of professional contractors, TuffCut is available in 1.2m and 1.6m working widths, and is compatible with a wide selection of McConnel flails.

Key features of the new TuffCut rotor include:

  • cast weld-on lugs that are 65 per cent stronger than wrap-around alternatives, enhancing strength and reliability;
  • a captive bolt-head protects the bolt and prevents it from rotating – enhancing longevity and durability;
  • innovative design allows one-tool replacement of flails for quick and easy maintenance;
  • larger rotor diameter increases stiffness by up to 75 per cent;
  • compatible with Back-to-back, Uni-boot, F10H, F10C, F14 and F16 Flails;
  • new hydraulic front hood features a larger ingress for a better flow of material through the rotor – ideal for tackling mature hedges;
  • quick and easy adjustment of the cutting height;
  • hydraulic roller enables operators to raise or lower the roller and switch between hedge-cutting and verge-mowing;
  • equipped with the new heavy-duty F-16 T-flail as standard.
Captive-bolt heads protects the bolts and prevent them from rotating.

The new TuffCut flailhead is available on McConnel’s flagship 85-series Power Arms.

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