Friday, November 24, 2017

Krone: High-output BiG Pack HDP II baler

By WniF editors

BiG Pack HDP II is a new-generation, high-capacity square baler that delivers up to 50 per cent more bales than the 1290 HDP baler, while bale density has been increased by up to 10 per cent without compromising forward speed. Its higher performance has required design upgrades, from the pick-up all the way down to the eight double knotters.

The flywheel now weighs 608kg and is backed up by an intermediate gearbox that increases its speed to 1,180rpm. The main gearbox is able to handle a power flow of up to 1,680hp. The new Big Pack also features the Active Pickup, the crop press roller and the mechanical feed roller as standard specification. The pick-up also handles extremely wide swaths and short and brittle crops.

Rotor cutter diameter has been increased by 30 per cent to 720mm. Operators can select 26 or 13 knives quickly and without the need of tools. The cutting system is driven by a Powerband and the rotor cutter shuts off automatically if either the belt slip is excessive or the packer is blocked. At baler start, a slight delay in the pick-up avoids load peaks.

The three packer arms on the Variable Filling System has been reinforced, and its feeder arm now receives larger cam rolls, increasing the capacity of the feed chamber. Updated packer elements on the Big Pack HDP II improve the crop flow and optimizes the baler’s stability.

Standard twine storage on the latest Krone BiG Pack baler is 54.
Standard storage on the latest Krone BiG Pack baler is 54 balls of twine.

Six pressure rams operate the HDP II chamber doors, the top door being operated by two 140mm rams and each of the two side doors by two 110mm rams.

The unique double eight knotter uses 20 per cent less space than existing knotters and can tie bales of up to 10 per cent higher density without requiring the baler to travel at lower speeds.

A high-capacity mechanical knotter fan backs up the established pneumatic system by directing a continuous flow of air to the knotters to continuously remove any debris.

The eight double knotters are supplied with 54 balls of twine, with an option for two further compartments, each storing six balls.

A bale weighing system is integrated in the bale ramp with an accuracy of down to two per cent. Overload protection is provided by clutches rather than shear bolts. The entire driveline as well as the chassis has been upgraded to match the machine’s huge capacities and loads.

Big Pack HDP II technical data
Bale chamber (width x height):
1,200mm x 900mm
Bale length: 1,000mm to 3,200mm
Minimum input power: 250hp
Twine storage: 54 balls
Knives: 26 minimum.
Chop length: 44mm
No of plunger strokes: 45/min

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