Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Vervaet: Q-Series harvesters to debut at J Riley demonstration

By WniF editors

The new Vervaet Q-Series sugar beet harvesters will be make their UK debut on January 5, 2017 at a demo day organised by UK importer J Riley Agri. The extremely popular biennial working demonstration will showcase both the new models in action.

The Q-Series is the latest state-of-the-art range of sugar beet harvesters from Vervaet. New from the ground up, the Q-616 is the replacement for the legendary Vervaet 17-tonne six-row tanker harvester, while the Q-621 (pictured above) offers increased capacity and output. Extremely manoeuvrable and still economical to run, the new harvesters offer more options than ever before and combine simplicity and reliability with modern technology and comfort.

The Q-Series harvesters use a new rear axle with the wheels mounted close together, giving a true one wheel per track capability for the least possible soil impact, as well as a tight turning circle. However, they can also be specified in a wider track layout providing the ultimate in versatility.

Vervaet’s new Q616 is powered by a 465hp Paccar diesel and has a hopper capciry of 16t.

Different cleaning options can be specified to suit various soil types and conditions, and a new wider ring trace is used. The Q-616 has a 16t capacity tank, while the Q-621 boasts a 21t bunker. The discharge elevator is at the front of the tank, and is longer allowing higher trailers to be used. Power is supplied by 465hp and 510hp DAF Paccar engines, and as an option the harvesters can be specified with a 40km/hr transmission and four-wheel braking.

The demonstration will be held at Great Witchingham in central Norfolk (NR9 5NY), and signs will be in place on the day.

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