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Zetor: New Major HS80 offers more equipment for discerning buyers

By WniF editors

Zetor has launched its new Major HS to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers who’re seeking more comfort and low operation costs in this category of tractor.

The Major was launched in 2013 and immediately became one of the most popular ranges among customers, mainly due to its simple design, universal use, reliability, robustness and low costs of operation.

“So far, the Major model range has offered only one type of tractor with a four-cylinder engine and power of 61 or 76hp,” Zetor Tractors’ sales and marketing director, Robert Todt, said. “The mechanical gearbox with 12 gears forward and 12 reverse, maximum speed of 30km/hr and mechanical hydraulics with manual control turned Major into a simple but durable assistant of the farmers.”

The original Major will remain rebadged as the CL, but now Zetor offering the new machine HS as well. It has the same well-established and proven four-cylinder engine with displacement of 2.9 litres and power of 76hp, but comes with an upgraded transmission with 24 forward gears and 12 reverse. The four mechanical ratios in the gearbox are multiplied by a three-range splitter a two-stage PowerShift torque multipler. In addition, the Major HS is equipped with hydraulic PowerShuttle which allows the change of direction under load.

The maximum speed of the new tractor is 40km/hr, 10km/hr more than the CL model. The minimum speed is 0.5km/hr. Within the working range from 4km/hr to 12km/hr, the Major HS offers six gears. The tractor further employs hydraulics with mechanical regulation that’s said to be outstanding both for its above-standard high lifting power (up to 3,300kg) and smooth lowering regulation, including the function of a hydraulic lock in travelling position.

In the tractor cab, the new steering column can be adjusted in two directions, together with the steering wheel. There’s a new dashboard and a new, more comfortable, seat with horizontal swivelling to make the operation of the tractor much more comfortable. The controls in the cabin are located in a way that akes them as ergonomic as possible. The Major HS is equipped with a passenger seat, has more storage space and the new dashboard can be switched to display specific data. Eight working lamps are sufficient for lighting the area around the tractor while working in the dark or shade.

The new Zetor Major HS80 offers an upgraded transmission and cab equipment for more demanding buyers.

The Major HS is equipped with turning front mudguards that make the turning radius much smaller, reaching 3.9m. This results in a very good manoeuvrability of the tractor, making the tractor ideal for operation in limited space. The tractor is offered with Zetor System front loaders.

“A larger fuel tank with the volume of 120 litres allows the tractor to work for a longer time without breaks,” Robert Todt added. “The new Major HS is a versatile assistant that can be used both in small and middle-sized farms in the area of animal breeding and plant growing, or in municipal service respectively.

“Our design is a reaction to the wishes and remarks of our customers. The tractor meets the requirements of the most demanding customers who are looking for comfortable solutions and tractor versatility.”

The first of the new tractors will be delivered to customers in the first quarter of 2017.

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