Friday, November 24, 2017

Hi-Spec: Lamma debut for new mower

By WniF editors

Lamma 2017 will see a new name entering the UK grassland machinery market – Hi-Spec. The company will be displaying a pre-series model of its new AutoCut triple mower that, with a maximum cutting width of 10.5m, will be one of the widest tractor-powered triple mowers on the market.

As with other products, such as its Vertical or MixMax diet feeders, slurry and muck spreaders, or the more recent Kompactor trailer, the new AutoCut Hi-Spec brings innovative new features and products to the market that will benefit users and help them increase productivity and reduce costs.

Initially it’s planned that the new Hi-Spec AutoCut will be available with mowing widths of 9.8m (RH980) and 10.5m (RH1050), either as a straight mower or with a conditioner. Both models use a semi-mounted design and incorporate a revolutionary hydraulic suspension system that means unlike other triple mowers, virtually all of the weight of the mower is carried on the frame.

As a result, the AutoCut can be used with smaller tractors than would normally be required for a mower this size. Typically most 9.0-10.0m wide triple mower conditioners require about 8.5hp/m to carry and drive them. However, even on the widest 10.5m wide mower conditioner model, the AutoCut requires only a little more than 7hp/m, while the straight mower version only needs about 4.5hp/m.

As a result, this makes the Hi-Spec AutoCut ideal not only for contractors, but also for livestock farmers looking to maximise mower output from existing tractors.

The AutoCut uses a Comer 3.2m-wide eight-disc bed for the RH980 and a 3.7m, nine-disc bed for the larger RH1050. Each mower unit is mounted using a central pivot to provide excellent contour following and incorporates a hydraulic suspension system that enables the bed pressure to be easily altered from the cab. The suspension is designed so that it can be moved through a range of 500mm, which helps to reduce stubble damage, resulting in faster regrowth.

The carrier frame also incorporates an active steering axle that’s mechanically linked to the headstock, resulting in excellent manoeuvrability both in the field, especially at the headland, but also when turning in through narrow gateways.

Unlike most mowers that fold upwards, the rear mower units of the AutoCut fold backwards and the front guards are hydraulically lifted automatically. This not only results in a narrow transport width of just 2.3m for the straight mower or 2.6m for the mower-conditioner versions, but also means that the mower bed is extremely accessible for maintenance. It also avoids problems with transport height restrictions; plus, by having the weight of the mower carried on the frame with a low centre of gravity, the AutoCut is stable on the road and can be safely transported at high road speeds.

Following a limited pre-series production run for final testing during the 2017 forage season, it’s planned that the Hi-Spec AutoCut will be fully available for 2018.

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