Saturday, October 21, 2017

Pharmweigh: Digital weighing kit for pig trailers introduced

By WniF editors

Suffolk-based Pharmweigh has introduced a new electronic weighing kit for use with pig trailers where the loading platform is lifted and lowered hydraulically.

The Hydralift system uses three weigh cells – one under the drawbar and two at the sides at the rear of the trailer – to establish the weight of the animals held inside.

To weigh the pigs, the trailer is simply lowered onto the weigh cells on a solid surface. The reading is then shown on a digital display.

The system is available for farmers to fit themselves, a process that also includes making their own brackets to attach to the weigh cells to the trailer and feet to take the trailer’s weight when it’s lowered.

The three-weigh-cell approach means all the sensors will always be in contact with the ground.

The system costs £2,000 for a system with a capacity of 3,000kg and £2,500 for a 6,000kg capacity (prices correct at December 2016).

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