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New Holland: Latest-generation BigBaler 1290 Plus launched

By WniF editors

New Holland Agriculture has introduced the new BigBaler 1290 Plus, the latest generation of its reputed flagship baler. The new model builds on the brand’s leadership in the large square baler market, which dates back to 1987 – almost 30 years of pioneering innovations and industry firsts leading to one-of-a-kind features that set it apart from competition.

“The new BigBaler 1290 Plus bristles with unique, best-in-class features that deliver the ultimate baling performance in all crops,” New Holland’s Simon Nichol said. “Hay and forage operations, straw contractors, large-scale arable farmers and biomass businesses will appreciate the higher, even more consistent bale density and the productivity of the highest capacity New Holland baler ever.

“High capacity combined with high bale density means fewer bales per acre, less time to collect the bales, and fewer bales to transport – all of which translates into lower costs per bale. The new BigBaler 1290 Plus is designed and built for reliability and durability, and the easy serviceability means it will spend even more time in the field delivering its top-notch performance.”

The new BigBaler 1290 Plus features a 80cm longer baler chamber compared to the prior model that delivers up to 10 per cent higher density in perfectly formed bales for stacking and transport, maintaining this high bale quality through the day. The increase in density is dependent on field condition and means more crop per bale, raising the customer’s productivity.

The BigBaler’s double knot system is designed to guarantee high bale density with lower knotting strain, reducing the risk of twine snapping even in hot conditions, further increasing productivity.

The new BigBaler 1290 Plus delivers the ultimate baling experience with a host of unique features, such as the IntelliCruise technology that automatically regulates tractor ground speed to maximise baling capacity and uniform bale density, or the best-in-class SmartFill feed flow
indicators that tell the operator in real time which direction they should drive over the swath for even bale formation.

The BigBaler 1290 Plus features a 80cm longer baler chamber compared to the prior model that delivers up to 10 per cent higher bale density.

The productivity-boosting features also include the MaxiSweep pick-up design that tackles high tonnage windrows with common components – tine bars and reel bearings – from the self-propelled forage harvester pick up. The plunger stroke rate per minute and the in-line crop flow guaranteed by the uniform width of the feeding, processing and precompression elements combine to make it the highest capacity New Holland baler ever. In addition, the BigBaler is fully Isobus compatible for single-screen technology. With the best-in class IntelliView IV monitor in the tractor cab, operators have at-a-glance intuitive fingertip control of all key operating parameters when baling at top speed.

A host of improvements to the BigBaler 1290 Plus raise the bar on durability and reliability. For example, the diameter of the packer shaft has been increased from 5.8cm to 7.6cm; the bigger drive chain, now 3.2 cm, handles with ease the high loads of PackerCutter models; and the slip
clutch has been reinforced.

In CropCutter models, the new high-quality chrome pins are more wear resistant against sand and dust, and extend the chain life significantly. Each knife is spring protected to avoid breakage from foreign objects and optional hard-faced knives are available for greater durability. Furthermore, a heavy-duty rotor is available for extreme abrasive conditions – this prevents premature rotor wear in such harsh conditions and allows four times longer rotor lifetime. In the pre-compression chamber, a shear bolt on the stuffer mechanism protects the stuffer from damage in case of obstruction or overload. In addition, the crop holding fingers have been reinforced and ensure perfect flake formation with seven fingers.

The knotting system and bale ejection have been revised to make it easy to set and control bale length, and the reliable design of the bale length tooth sector ensures a long lifetime. The passive teeth system has been replaced with an active teeth system on Full Bale-Eject – before the bale ejection moves backwards, all teeth are first pushed in the bale to maximise best performance and full grip in all conditions. An improved knotter cleaning performance reduces crop accumulation in the knotter area.

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