Friday, November 24, 2017

Spread-a-Bale: New attachment for mixer wagon owners

By WniF editors

The new Feed-a-Bale unit is a simple attachment for Spread-a-Bale machines that allows baled straw to be distributed straight in to TMR mixer wagons, thereby significantly reducing mixing times and running costs, along with wear and tear. The equipment can also distribute baled straw, hay, haylage and Lucerne along feed fences.

Feed-a-Bale can be fitted on all Spread-a-Bale machines dating back to 2001 (both the M Range and SBL Range), and is available in two sizes.

The Mini/Midi/SBL100 Feed-a-Bale weighs 28kg and folds down in two sections. When not required for feeding, it folds up on top of the machine in the stored position, a process that takes less than one minute to change from stored to feeding, without the use of any tools.

The Maxi/ SBL125 Feed-a-Bale weighs 30kg and similarly folds down in two sections.

Spread-a-Bale’s Michael Hughes said the new Feed-a-Bale was a very appealing piece of new kit for livestock farmers seeking to make additional time, labour and subsequent cost savings while carrying out routine feeding operations.

The Mini/Midi/SBL100 Feed-a-Bale list price is £1,065, while the Maxi/SBL125 Feed-a-Bale costs £1,260 (prices corect at January 2017).

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