Friday, November 24, 2017

Weaving Machinery: Lamma launch for CropChop

By WniF editors

Lamma 2017 will see the introduction of Weaving Machinery’s new CropChop – a knife roller designed to bruise and crush plants when drilling through dense cover crops and standing crop residues.

The Weaving CropChop consists of two 380mm diameter rollers fitted with staggered, hard-wearing boron steel blades that bruise and conditions crop residues speeding up decomposition. A staggered configuration of the blades provides minimal movement of soil and weed seeds, complementing direct-drilling systems. The double-row roller provides twice the chopping action, which is particularly advantageous when used in dense, tall, thick and woody crops.

The CropChop flattens and crushes the standing canopy, helping to prevent moisture loss in the seed bed, which can be a problem in seed establishment in dry conditions.

Chopped leaf matter is integrated into the seedbed, focusing nutrients around the growing seeds where they’re needed most. The CropChop is an effective tool for organic and traditional farming methods reducing the need for glyphosate and chemical desiccation.

A staggered configuration of the blades on the CropChop provides minimal movement of soil and weed seeds.

The CropChop uses a self-aligning steering frame combined with a steering damper as standard across all models, stabilising the machine and providing equal pressure across the whole working width.

The Weaving CropChop is available in either 3m rigid or 4m hydraulic folding models, with the ability to use the machine as a front or rear mounted implement. Prices for the 3m model start at £3,800 (correct at January 2017).

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