Thursday, November 23, 2017

He-Va: Wider folding versions of trailed Combi-Disc launched

By WniF editors

He-Va has launched a further upgrade of its popular trailed Combi-Disc, with the new 450 and 550 models offering wider widths of 4.5m and 5.5m respectively to provide growers with higher-output, single-pass machines for subsoiling, surface cultivation and consolidation.

Ease of adjustment has been built into the design, so that the depth of both the subsoiler legs and discs can be hydraulically adjusted from the tractor seat. This allows the operator to make independent adjustments on the move for accurate control of cultivations.

It can also be used as a subsoiler with the discs lifted out of work, a set of discs with the legs lifted up or as a complete one pass soil cultivator, all controlled from the cab. The new models can be specified with either shearbolt or hydraulic auto-reset legs.

There are seven hydraulic reset tines on the 450 Combi-Disc that subsoil to a 350mm depth, with quick-change replaceable points. The 550 version has nine legs. Optional low-disturbance subsoiling tines and points are also available.

The 510mm diameter scalloped Sabre discs that follow the subsoiler legs will cut and mix to a depth of 125mm. The two rows of opposing discs can be hydraulically adjusted and, as they’re pushed deeper in the soil, the angle of the discs are automatically altered, increasing their aggressiveness, to thoroughly mix and chop crop residues. The large, 700mm V profile press roller that follows gives good consolidation to leave a weatherproof finish.

Opico’s managing director, James Woolway, said, the new folding Combi-Discs were ideal for rapid ground coverage.

“With wider working widths and higher horsepower ratings, they increase the work rate without compromising on soil management,” he added. “The machines are equally at home being used for shallow stale seedbed preparation on 180hp tractors, or working up to 350mm deep moving the whole soil profile with a 450hp tractor.”

There’s an optional minimal disturbance disc opener available. This slices through the surface layer in front of the subsoiling leg to reduce soil burst and ensure weed seeds are not brought up to the surface from depth.

The Combi-Disc is an excellent tool for working ploughed land prior to drilling or for incorporating stubble and organic matter in a min-till system. A seeder kit can be added to plant cover crops or oilseed rape whilst cultivating, the seed is distributed behind a soil mat to ensure soil throw from the discs does not disrupt seed distribution.

The 450 and 550 models fold to a transport width of 2.61m and have automatic transport locks for safe and simple road transport.

The new folding trailed 450 Hydraulic reset Combi-Disc retails at £50,339+VAT. The 550 version retails at £62,638+VAT (prices correct at February 2017).

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