Saturday, October 21, 2017

Mitas: Sima Show premiere for 1000/50R25 SFT

By WniF editors

Mitas, which is now part of the Trelleborg Group, will unveil the 1000/50R25 SFT, a powerful new tyre for high-horsepower specialised agricultural machinery such as potato harvesters and self-propelled spreaders, at the Sima Show.

Part of the Mitas Super Flexion Tyres (SFT) range, it shares the advantages of the flexibility it gives for variable inflation pressures and its optimal performance according to specific applications.

“The SFT tyre range is a backbone of the Mitas product offering for powerful agricultural machinery,” the company’s product manager for Mitas agricultural tyres, Pavel Kott, said. “By releasing the new 1000/50R25 SFT worldwide, we’re further extending the range of our SFT portfolio, which constitutes the top products of their type on the market.”

The Mitas 1000/50R25 SFT is designed to address the specific needs of farmers, bringing them the advantages and excellent performance of a technically advanced product. Flexible, ultra-strong sidewalls allow low inflation pressures for high load-carrying capacities, gentle ground handling and higher yields.

The new Mitas 1000/50R25 172 A8 (166 D) SFT has a speed symbol D, allowing speeds up to 65km/hr. At less than 2.4 bar and 10km/hr, it can carry loads of 10,080 kilograms. The tyre has a diameter of 1.65m.

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