Wednesday, November 22, 2017

JCB: Agri SmartPower Loadalls offer substantial fuel savings

By WniF editors

New JCB Loadall telescopic handlers that combine high-performance hydraulics with an efficient but more economical powertrain were launched at the Sima Show in Paris.

The SmartPower concept, comprising a 74hp version of JCB’s award-winning 4.4-litre EcoMAX diesel engine coupled to a 30km/hr four-speed powershift transmission, was introduced on the Loadall 531-70 Agri and 536-60 Agri. The EcoMax engine at this power rating is a proven unit already fitted to many thousands of JCB construction machines, and JCB LiveLink telematics data suggests operators could save up to 19 per cent in fuel usage by choosing this new Loadall engine option.

The new-specification handlers will appeal to farmers and other rural enterprises that will benefit from the high productivity handling capabilities of JCB Agriculture’s Loadalls, but don’t need the high speed road performance, more advanced transmissions and 109hp to 145hp engine outputs of existing models, which deliver class-leading clamp-climbing, loading cycle and towing performance.

JCB Agriculture’s general manager, John Smith, said dvelopment of the Loadall range had focused on the growing size of farms and the need for increased performance and productivity when tackling those more demanding applications such as filling the silage clamp and towing laden bale trailers.

“With SmartPower, we have turned our attention to routine daily tasks on large livestock and other units, where farmers want to enjoy the benefits of Loadall features and performance but don’t need lots of power,” he added.

Main attractions of the SmartPower installation are impressive fuel economy, lower running costs and a lower initial purchase price. In addition to the savings in fuel, other ownership costs are attractive too: the  engine has a simple fixed geometry turbocharger and uses only exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) to meet the emissions requirements for this power class. So there are no costly after-treatment catalysts or filters, nor a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system requiring a regular supply of AdBlue.

The two-stage boom on the Loadall 531-70 Agri SmartPower lifts 3.1t max, 2.4t to 7.0m and 1.25t when picking up or placing loads 3.7m ahead of the front wheels.

Peak output of 74hp is matched by 400Nm of torque, which is more than enough performance for yard work such as sweeping, scraping and positioning trailers, and for routine stacking and loading activities.

A limited slip differential can be added to the front axle for extra traction and selectable two-/four-wheel drive is available if some road travel will be included in the machine’s workload.

Boom performance is unhindered by the less powerful engine. On the Loadall 531-70 Agri SmartPower, the two-stage boom lifts 3.1t max, 2.4t to 7.0m and 1.25t when picking up or placing loads 3.7m ahead of the front wheels. The 536-60 Agri SmartPower lifts 3.6t to 6.2m and 1.5t at 3.3m with the boom fully extended.

A single-lever servo joystick operates the boom and attachments, regulating a flow of oil from the same 140-lit/min supply-on-demand piston pump fitted to other Loadall handlers. This forms part of a JCB Smart Hydraulics package that delivers unrivalled loading cycles, productivity-led fuel economy and attractive operating features such as the Bucket Control System, which shakes sticky materials from attachments with minimal control input.

Options available include a 110-lit/min Highflow auxiliary circuit in place of the standard 100-litre/min system, twin auxiliary couplings and JCB’s Auto Smooth Ride Suspension boom cushioning, along with hydraulic attachment pin locking, and work lights on the front and rear of the chassis and on the boom.

A mechanical suspension seat in the spacious Loadall cab can be upgraded to an air suspended and heated seat for extra comfort.

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