Tuesday, October 17, 2017

John Deere: Sima Silver for greasing system

By WniF editors

John Deere was rewarded with a Silver Award at Sima 2017 for its Smart AutoLube system, which automatically greases all the lubrication points on the tractor along with its ISObus controlled implements.

The Smart AutoLube system is controlled by the tractor’s CommandCentre Display, where the driver can choose between auto, custom and manual modes. Greasing intervals and quantities depend on tractor usage and loads, as well as the implements used, and targeted lubrication of single maintenance points is possible. The system also warns if the lubricant level is too low. All operations can be documented and checked via JDLink telematics.

For a 6R Series tractor with 1,000 operating hours annually, greasing time for the tractor and its implements can be reduced by 21 hours a year.

The improved maintenance regime would also have a positive effect on the machine’s life expectancy, service costs and resale value.

For more information visit: www.johndeere.co.uk.

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