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Claas: New balers on display at Grassland

By WniF editors

There are two new additions to the Claas baler range – the new Variant 400 variable round baler and the Quadrant 5200 big square baler.

Four models and two bale sizes are available in the Variant 400 range. With the Variant 460RF and 465RC, the bale size is variable from 0.90m up to 1.55m, while bales up to 1.8m can be created using the Variant 480RF and 485RC.

Standard on all models is a 2.35m wide pick-up, fitted with a dual Roller Crop Press. This has four height settings so that it can be quickly and easily adjusted for a more uniform and even crop flow, so allowing the Variant 400 to be operated at a higher forward speed.

Also standard is the Pro hydraulic drop-down floor that allows blockages to be quickly and easily cleared from the cab. The floor will also lower 30mm automatically to allow large lumps to pass through and be drawn into the baler. In the event of a blockage, the operator simply lowers the floor so that the blockage can be forced into the baling chamber and the floor raised again to commence baling.

The Variant 480/460RF is fitted with the same Roto Feed rotor system as before, but Variant 485/465RC models feature a new Roto Cut system. Feed into the baler is via a new design of star rotor for an improved feed, especially in wetter crops, into the Roto Cut unit, which is fitted with 14 knives that achieve 6,000 cuts/min.

On all four Variant 400 models, the bale chamber has been strengthened, in particular the front frame that has been reinforced, as has the tailgate. This has been redesigned so that it opens and closes faster, meaning that bales are now discharged in less than six seconds. Belt guidance has also been improved for greater reliability and reduced wear.

Another new standard feature on all Variant 400 models is the redesigned net spreading system. This incorporates a stainless steel plate over which the net is fed into the bale chamber. This has the benefit that net coverage across the full width of the bale is improved and also allows dust and dirt to fall away easily, resulting in more reliable netting.

A new option is the availability of an extra wide netting trough, that allows 1.30m wide netting to be used, so that the net is applied over the shoulder of the bale which provides better weather proofing, especially when bales are stored outside.

Four models and two bale sizes are available in the Variant 400 range.

In addition to the new high-capacity knotters, in order to further increase output and bale density, the new Quadrant balers (pictured top) from Claas also features heavier-duty drive systems, longer bale chambers and the new patented Claas APC (Automatic Pressure Control) system.

Standard on the Quadrant 5300/5200 and optional on the Quadrant 4200, APC takes high-density baler performance to a new level, by ensuring that bale weight is maintained by automatically monitoring the knotters and the stress on the drive system.

An option on the Quadrant 4200 and standard on the Quadrant 5300/5200, is KCS (Knotter Control System) where sensors are fitted to all six knotters. With KCS, stress on each of the knotters is monitored to detect any broken strings or a missed knot. This will then result in an alarm on the control terminal to alert the driver.

All three new models have a hydraulically suspended 2.35m-wide pick-up, fitted with a double roller crop press and PFS (Power Feeding System) auger as standard. An option is hydraulic drive to the pick-up reel, top crop press roller and the PFS auger, which enables the operator to match the speed of the pick-up to the crop, using a higher speed for small swaths for example or reducing the speed to minimise damage in crops such as Lucerne or hay.

To achieve even greater bale density and higher overall output, the bale chamber has been further strengthened and the length increased by up to 15 per cent. On the Quadrant 5200 and 4200, the chamber is fitted with three pressure rams, while there are six on the Quadrant 5300.

On the Quadrant 5200, ram frequency has been increased to 56 strokes/minute and on all models the ram, connecting rods and bearings have all been strengthened.

The knotter system fitted to all three models features a new bill hook, string guide finger and string clamping plate and disc design, which creates a single, improved shape of knot with longer ends for greater “hold” in all baling conditions with no string waste. All three new Quadrant are fitted with a hydraulically powered Turbo Fan system, similar to that used for the Lexion Jet Stream system. New active oscillating diffusers direct the air, which travels at 140km/hr, over both the front but also the sides of each knotter, ensuring they’re kept clean at all times.

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