Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Grimme: Field Loader and crop cart set for Cereals Event debut

By WniF editors

Grimme aims to showcase its new CleanLoader (above), the company’s recently launched field loader, and also its new multi-use and multi-crop trans-loading Crop Cart – which was originally manufactured by its sister company Spudnik in the United States – at Cereals 2017.

Based on the functionality of Grimme’s RH24-60 self-emptying receiving hopper, the CleanLoader has been designed to reduce trash content in the field. It’s fully road legal and features four large wheels on a tandem axle and it requires no external power source to operate due to an on-board 62hp, four-cylinder diesel engine. The CleanLoader can be unfolded and ready to work in 15 minutes.

The CleanLoader has an output of 120t/hr depending on soil type, crop and working conditions, which means it can load a 30t potato bulker in 15 minutes.

The Grimme Crop Cart can unload its 20t load in a little more than three minutes.

The Crop Cart has a 20t holding capacity, is 12m long and has a 6.5t/min unloading capacity, but it’s still able to handle crop gently and minimise soil compaction. Depending on the attachment the Crop Cart can be used to transport and trans-load most crops, including potatoes, sugar beet, grain and carrots.

The boom is designed for high-capacity unloading and is able to raise, lower and extend to adjust to every situation and need. The driver has a good view onto the unloading elevator, which is fitted to the front of the trailer.

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