Friday, November 24, 2017

Landini: New scraper tractor candidates launched

By WniF editors

More candidates for yard-scraping duties have been added to the Landini tractor range as distributor AgriArgo UK covers all bases for this daily task on dairy farms. With the compact 2 Series, new 4-075D (above) cabless model and open or cabbed 4-075C tractors, the manufacturer provides a three-way choice of simple-spec machines to suit different circumstances.

The new-look Landini 2 Series – which has replaced the popular Mistral – comes with three power outputs of 43hp, 47hp and 54hp from Yanmar four-cylinder engines driving through a 12×12 or 16×16 creep transmission with synchro shuttle and four-wheel drive.

The diminutive size of the 2-045, 2-050 and 2-060 models – as little as 1.3m wide on a 1.76m wheelbase – means they can whistle in and out of cubicle buildings with ease, and be steered precisely along passages thanks to the lack of hardware blocking the driver’s view.


The 54hp Landini 2-060.

However, if something a little more substantial is called for – to handle a sand dispenser or other rear-mounted implement, for example – then the new Landini 4-075D is another solution, available in two- and four-wheel drive forms.

This model has been selected from a new range of utility tractors – the 4-D Series – developed by Landini manufacturer Argo Tractors primarily for markets where a basic tractor is the norm. But sitting on a 2.1m wheelbase and axles that can get the tractor down to no more than 1.67m wide overall make it a good scraper option for dairy farms.

The 4-075D also has 12×12 and 16×16 creep gearbox configurations, but from a bigger, more robust Argo transmission, operated by a forward-reverse synchro gear lever to the left of the driver and a four-speed gear lever to the right, where a short three-range lever is also located.

Rubber mats cover the footwells, bare metal surrounds the plastic upholstered seat and there are few electrics, so the tractor can be power washed with confidence to shift corrosive slurry deposits.

Low lifetime costs are promised thanks in part to the naturally aspirated, mechanical fuel injection Perkins 1104D Series engine, which requires no add-on emissions equipment.

The same lower-cost power unit is used in the Landini 4-075C, which matches its smaller cousin on wheelbase dimensions, but has a broader stance for added stability, with a minimum width of 1.75m.

The 76hp Landini 4-080C can be specified as narrow as 1.75m.

It also has more advanced driveline features, with a new Hi-Lo two-speed powershift option adding to the tractor’s versatility by providing a shift-under-load 18 per cent increase or decrease in speed.

This new feature is available with the 12×12 base transmission to provide 24×24 speeds or the 16×16 creep transmission to obtain 32×32 speeds. It can be installed when the wet clutch fingertip power shuttle is chosen to replace the dry clutch synchro shuttle.

Electronically modulated hydraulic PTO and four-wheel drive clutches are also part of this package, along with a response adjustable transmission clutch.

The 4-075C and its 64-76hp counterparts in the 4C line-up – all available with two- and four-wheel drive – provide more driver comforts, especially when the spacious cab is fitted, and are a good option for a scraper tractor that’ll also be called on to handle light field and trailer work.

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