Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Pöttinger: Compact version of Torro Combiline now available

By WniF editors

Pöttinger has extended its Torro Combiline series with the new 5510 – a professional model with compact dimensions for narrow field entrances. The new model features the proven, top-quality technology of the large loader wagons packaged in a short, compact design. All its advantages come into play where there are narrow entrances to fields.

The Torro 5510 Combiline also comes with the Powercut knife bank concept, now with 45 integrated knives, and a theoretical chopped length of 34mm, as well as the proven six-row floating pick-up. The real, 100 per cent floating function of the pick-up enables perfect ground tracking.

The swing-out Easy Move knife bank, developed and patented by Pöttinger, is of course part of the new Powercut system. The company’s Twinblade double knives with individual knife protection system is also available as an option, boasting double the service life. Having to carry replacements is now a thing of the past thanks to these reversible knives. The advantages include: easy handling, central operation, excellent reliability and perfect chopping quality.

The compact Torro performs just as well as its big brothers: 10 per cent more drive power, 20 per cent more output – combined with low maintenance requirements. The new model also has a lowered scraper floor and can quickly be transformed from loading mode to transport mode.

For more information visit: www.poettinger.at.

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