Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Väderstad: New double soil packer improves Carrier consolidation

By WniF editors

The 2017 Cereals Event will see the launch of Väderstad’s new Double SteelRunner soil packer for its range of Carrier L and XL disc cultivators.

The new adjustable Double SteelRunner, which offers full depth reconsolidation and clod breaking, is already established as a key feature on the TopDown, so introducing it to the Carrier range through the L and XL models complements existing Double SoilRunner and SteelRunner packer options.

The Double SteelRunner ensures cultivated soil dries up faster, allowing following land operations to continue unhindered. The open design of the packer results in minimised bulldozing and a low draught requirement.

The Carrier L and XL disc cultivators give growers more flexibility and durability as well as lower operating costs in heavy field trash situations, while still working at depth. Both models in the range have 51cm and 61cm diameter notched edged discs respectively. The adjustable working angle of the discs – Multiset – allows the cultivator to slice up the soil across the full working width and depth.

Discs are easily interchangeable between Carrier models, but other tools including straw harrow, CrossCutter Knife and CrossBoard can also be fitted, giving the new models much greater versatility.

Transport wheels can be lowered in the field in wet areas or when in shallow cultivation, making the machine very manoeuvrable and flexible. Working depth is adjustable from the cab.

A transport width of 3m and a transport height of 4m are completely unique for a disc implement with a working width of more than 8.0m.

For more information visit: www.vaderstad.com/uk.

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