Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Barretine: Stored grain/pulse insecticide launched within IPM wrapper

By WniF editors

An insecticide protectant for stored grain and pulses, Grain-Tect ULV, has been launched by Barrettine Environmental Health.

Coupled with advice on how to minimise risk of infestation together with monitoring traps and free insect identification, the protectant is a component of the company’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach.

Grain-Tect ULV contains 6g/lit deltamethrin and 54g/lit piperonyl butoxide. Application by industry-standard ultra-low-volume applicator with an enclosed nozzle at 42ml/t of stored crop protects against flying and crawling insects for up to three and 12 months respectively.

The treatment cost is in the region of £1/t. It’s supplied ready-to-use in 20-litre containers through a wide network of distributors that offer independent agronomy advice as well as Barrettine’s IPM support. If required, the company can also supply high-accuracy digital dosing pumps and advice about nozzle choice and installation.

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