Thursday, November 23, 2017

Pöttinger: New variable-rate seeding data management service for UK customers

By WniF editors

Pöttinger, which has been a leading supplier of seed drill technology for more than 15 years, is now offering its customers free access to precision farming support.

“As precision farming continues to play a key part in driving the profitability of many of the UK’s farming operations, we have seen a sharp increase in demand for variable-rate compatible seed drills being sold,” the general manager at Pöttinger UK, Shaun Groom, said. “As a result, we can now offer variable seed rate capability across the entire Pöttinger range of seed drills.

All Pöttinger’s drills are now available with variable-rate seeding.

“For many customers it’s often their first experience of variable-rate seeding, and as you might expect it requires some close customer technical support. Bringing together the variable rate seeding maps, guidance system, seed drill controller and seed drill can be quite burdensome for someone new to this way of working.”


To better support those customers, Pöttinger UK has put in place an exclusive arrangement for seed drills with precision farming expert Ian Beecher Jones (pictured above).

“Ian has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to precision farming technology and has supported professional farmers the world over for many years,” Mr Groom added, “and any new variable-rate compatible Pöttinger seed drill sold from the April 2017 onwards will be available with a year’s free subscription to Ian’s services.”

Mr Beecher Jones will be on hand offer telephone and internet-based remote assist support to qualifying customers in their first 12 months of ownership, and contact with the customer ahead of the season will ensure a smooth, hassle-free transfer of the variable-rate seeding maps to the controller and seed drill. Thus removing any concerns an operator may have when starting out for the first time with this technology.

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