Friday, November 24, 2017

Vervaet: Hydro Trikes on show at Grassland & Muck

By WniF editors

Two of the latest Vervaet Hydro Trike multi-purpose applicators will be shown at Grassland & Muck by UK importer J Riley. One will be fitted with a manure spreader body and the other equipped for injecting slurry.

Well-proven, the Hydro Trike is a long-established machine and was first introduced for 1991. Extensive market research resulted in some unique design features that are key to its unrivalled success, and there are currently more than 600 examples out in the fields across Europe.

The latest machine is powered by an economical 510hp DAF engine. Drive is hydro-mechanical and provides an indispensible 40km/hr top speed. Large tyres spread the weight evenly over a 4.50m width when in work thanks to extending mid-axles that also provide stability when working on slopes. The five-wheel layout with a single front steering wheel also provides excellent manoeuvrability.

The Panien manure spreader body is built specifically to Vervaet’s requirements and has a generous 18 cubic metre capacity (pictured above). Two heavy-duty floor traces are driven from both sides, and can be reversed to quickly and easily clear blockages. Two beaters finely shred even the most straw-rich manure, and large-diameter discs spread evenly to 24m.

The latest Vervaet Hydro Trike can be fitted with a 19,000-litre slurry tank.

A 19,000 litre slurry tank is also offered with an extremely high-output slurry handling system produced in-house by Vervaet. A variety of rear tools can be fitted on the Category 3 rear linkage to suit the desired application, from disc injectors and dribble bars for working in grassland and growing crops to cultivator injectors for working in stubble.

Accuracy of all applications is particularly impressive, with the rate controlled automatically by Vervaet’s own Tri-Control colour touch screen computer that also looks after the machine’s main functions. John Deere’s NIR sensor can also be fitted ensuring full compliance with NVZ regulations.

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