Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Case IH: Special edition Puma CVX marks 175th birthday

By WniF editors

Case IH has created a 175th anniversary version of the Puma 175 CVX tractor, which will be available in a limited production run to mark 175 years since the founding of the company that became today’s Case IH Agriculture. The jubilee edition also marks 10 years’ production of the Puma line, the St Valentin, Austria-built seven-model range that spans from 150 to 240hp.

The Puma 175 CVX Jubilee Edition is finished in a distinctive “Viper Stryker” pearlescent red inherited from the Case IH Autonomous Concept Vehicle (ACV). It also carries unique 175th anniversary decals, and only 175 are to be built. Anyone who orders a Puma 175 CVX in the limit of the available stock will receive delivery of a Limited Edition version at no additional cost.

Jerome Increase Case founded his eponymous farm equipment business in 1842, in the US town of Racine, Wisconsin, where the worldwide headquarters of the Case IH agricultural business remain today. In 1869, Case manufactured the first steam-engined tractor designed to power stationary implements, and seven years later built the first self-propelled traction steam engine.

As steam power began to supersede horses for operating threshing machines, the JI Case Threshing Machine Company had become the world’s largest producer of steam engines by 1886.

In 1902, five US farm equipment firms merged to form the International Harvester Company. Case IH was created in 1985 when JI Case acquired the agricultural division of International Harvester.

For more information visit: www.caseih.com.

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