Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Cordex: Maxxcord is designed for high-density balers

By WniF editors

The newest member of the Cordex family, Maxxcord, is claimed to be the world’s most advanced high-density baler twine.

Born from years of extensive field testing with new generation high-density balers, it is the result of a joint development between Cordex and one of the world’s largest producers of biomass.

Maxxcord, with new CordexAgri Knot-TEC technology, is said to have the perfect combination of knot performance, ultimate strength, long length and high visibility.

Maxxcord is produced with an exclusive technology that makes it the ultimate accompaniment to all ultra-high-density balers. It has proven to work in all conditions with all machines producing and holding the heaviest, densest bales without problems.

For more information visit: http://cordexagri-uk.cordex.com.

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