Tuesday, October 17, 2017

He-Va: Folding version of 3m V-Profile Front Press launched

By WniF editors

He-Va has launched a new 3m split-folding V-Profile Front Press to add to its existing range.

Designed to be more manoeuvrable on narrow rural roads, the machine hydraulically splits into two vertical sections which, at a 2.13m transport width, make turning into tight gateways a much easier task.

However, size doesn’t matter when it comes to performance and, like the rigid 3m model and larger folding models, the press is available with either a 600mm or 700mm castellated pressed steel V-profile ring to offer optimum consolidation, while having a sharp rib to maximise clod crushing. Available with spacing of 125 mm (600mm rings) and 156mm (700mm rings), with a scraper between each ring, the press offers full width consolidation on light or heavy land.

The rings can turn individually, but are linked by a series of lugs that ensure they all drive together, ensuring the machine won’t be phased even by the wettest, sticky conditions.

The machine can be fitted with an optional shattaboard, that is hydraulically adjustable from the tractor seat, increasing the cultivation action and allowing the machine to level, crush and consolidate in one pass ahead of the drill.

The Front Press has a long headstock and effectively becomes an extension of the front of the tractor when attached, ensuring that it follows the nose of the tractor steering smoothly even at speed. The headstocks are designed to take the forces produced even when using a shattaboard.

“This new 3m folding front press will allow customers working with narrow lanes to have access to a best-selling product so that, whatever their soil type, road width and field entry, they can use this simple one-pass cultivator ahead of the drill,” Opico’s managing director, James Woolway, said.

The new 3m split-folding V-Profile Front Press retails at £5,097+VAT (prices correct at June 2017) for the 600mm version and £5,978+VAT for the 700mm version.

For more information visit: www.opico.co.uk.

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