Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Mzuri: Self-levelling hedgecutter launched at Cereals 2017

By WniF editors

Mzuri launched its new Razorback Auto-Level 550 – a vertical-axis rotary hedgecutter with revolutionary self-levelling Co-Pilot technology – at Cereals 2017.

Delivering increased productivity, a superior finish and significant cost savings, the new machine features a 1.5m cutting head with a SoftStart triple rotor, additional mulching blades and hydraulically controlled front hood and rear roller.

The unique design means the blades are in contact with the growth during their entire 360-degree cycle, resulting in a much faster and cleaner cut, and a superior mulching technique.

The rotary action and side deflectors ensure that the debris is efficiently contained by the hood with considerably less material thrown onto the road or the tractor cab.

Razorback’s Auto-Level Co-Pilot technology ensures that the head and the main frame of the machine remain level at all times, irrespective of the tractor angle in relation to the undulating ground. This unique feature results in an exceptionally smooth finish regardless of the terrain.

Operation is simple and precise thanks to the Razorback’s electronic proportional controls, which incorporate a three-axis joystick. The main control box features rotor on/off, level sensitivity and Auto-Level Co-Pilot on/off functions.

With a 5.5m reach, the Razorback is at home with all types of verge-mowing and hedgecutting tasks, and can easily tackle two- to three-year-old growth.

The 1.5m cutting head on Mzuri’s Razorback has an auto-levelling system for a superior finish.

It allows users to top and side hedges in fewer passes compared with its conventional counterparts, leaving a highly professional finish at double the output.

The standard Razorback Auto-Level 550 machine retails at £28,480+VAT (price correct at June 2017) and is expected to be available towards the end of 2017. The specification includes the 1.5-metre-wide head complete with hydraulically controlled front hood and rear roller, Auto-Level Co-Pilot with electronic proportional controls and a fully independent hydraulic system with an oil cooler.

For more information visit: www.mzuri.eu.

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