Friday, November 24, 2017

Metsjö: Hooklifter trailer with tracks launched

By WniF editors

Swedish manufacturer Metsjö has introduced a new Hooklifter with tracks. The MetaFlex 60-75 Tracks, builds on Metsjö’s earlier wheeled Hooklifters, the MetaFlex 50-60 and 60-75, with a new-generation shifting system and a rear hydraulic safety bar.

The load capacity of the new tracked trailer is 36,300kg, which means the 7,900t deadweight trailer can carry a net load of 28,400kg. The use of tracks means even at that weight, soil compaction remains low.

The shifting system is, as with Metsjö’s wheeled Hooklifters, of a new generation where the tip-cylinder works towards a single shifting cylinder. The shifting and tipping power is increased considerably, while the deadweight is reduced by 500kg. Furthermore, the tip cycle is faster as the hydraulic oil doesn’t need to be pumped out during descent.

The new tracked hooklifter is fitted with tracks 2.8m long and 76cm wide. The gross weight of the trailer is 36,300kg.

All the company’s hooklifters can be equipped with Metsjö’s Multi coupling, enabling them to carry a forage harvester, woodchipper or other attachments. Standard trailer bodies too mean the new tracked hooklifetr can be used all year round.

“With the new MetaFlex 60-75 Tracks, we can offer farmers working sensitive soils an efficient transport solution,” Metsjö’s Anders Ivarsson said. “In a Hooklifter, it is always interesting to lower the loading height, which we achieve with MetaFlex 60-75 Tracks.

“This gives many functional advantages and suits well with our rear hydraulic safety bar. The investment in tracks is likely to pay off for the farmer, as the hooklifter is used more extensively than other transport solutions.”

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