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Massey Ferguson: S Effect tractors bring extra efficiency, comfort, safety and style

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Massey Ferguson has announced it will extend its S Effect across the entire range of high-spec Beauvais-built tractors, from the new 95hp MF 5709 S up to its most powerful 400hp MF 8740 S. As well as the option of the Fieldstar 5 terminal, all models also come with a host of new features that improve comfort, efficiency and safety across the ranges.

“Massey Ferguson is continuing to invest in developing and introducing new equipment to help customers enhance efficiency and economy,” the brand’s director of marketing services for Europe and the Middle East, Campbell Scott, said. “The S Effect, first introduced on the award-winning MF 6700 S series, enhances operational efficiency across the ranges, and adds a stylish new design.”

The new Massey Ferguson S Series line-up, which was on display at Agritechnica in Hanover,  includes the MF 5700 S, MF 6700 S, MF 7700 S and MF 8700 S.

The new MF 700S models cover four tractor ranges.

“These tractors represent everything that’s best in super-comfort, safety, straightforward engineering, stylish looks and solid service back-up – all in support of smart, sustainable farming,” Massey Ferguson’s sales engineering manager, Guillaume Dericbourg, added.

The S machines have a distinctive new style with a new bonnet design, decals, bar lights and headlights to create a progressive, leading-edge look. Inside, the tractors get a new darker seat cover (instead of the current grey) and a black armrest frame, while the Datatronic 4 console becomes silver, grey and black.

New 95 hp MF 5709 S
With the introduction of the completely new 95 hp MF 5709 S, Massey Ferguson now offers the S Effect high specification in a compact package at the lower end of its award-winning MF 5700 SL range.

The new MF5709S offers 95hp.

Equipped with the same technology as found on the larger, MF 5700 S models, the new MF 5709 S is ideally suited to intensive operations, where its advanced features improve performance and ease operation.

It comes with the choice of either the Dyna-4 or Dyna-6 transmission, with brake-to-neutral and the further option of AutoDrive. The multifunction joystick, hydraulic system choice and sloping bonnet also make it the perfect loader tractor.

A key highlight of the new S specification is the option of the advanced, Fieldstar 5 touch-screen ISObus terminal on all models across all ranges. This stand-alone terminal combines the ease of use and touch-screen convenience of a tablet with powerful precision farming features.

Developed by Massey Ferguson’s own in-house team, the powerful ISObus terminal’s nine-inch touch-screen employs the most modern technology, which is as easy to use as the latest tablets and smartphones.

The new nine-inch Fieldstar 5 ISObus terminal.

Fieldstar 5 builds into a complete precision-farming package with a powerful suite of products that provide mapping, automatic section control, variable-rate applications, record keeping and comprehensive machinery monitoring with telemetry.

The system complements the existing Datatronic 4 screen and comes with integral Auto-Guide, automatic steering operation. It also links to the Multipad joystick, where fitted, enabling operators to assign ISObus control to individual buttons.

Massey Ferguson is now also offering the choice of two different GNSS receiver suppliers – either NovAtel or Trimble. These provide a range of GPS receivers, from basic EGNOS through to the most precise RTK systems, allowing customers to select the level of steering accuracy that best suits their operations from their preferred GNSS receiver supplier.

New features enhance operation and safety
The new S tractors are equipped with a raft of new features to improve operator safety and comfort. The wide range of additions include improved handrails and guards, clear safety decals and changes to the cab interior.

Another design update sees a new layout for the switches on the Multifunction Joystick. For front loader, front linkage or hydraulic operations, this Joystick allows easy control of forward/reverse shuttling, gear ratio change and the third and fourth hydraulic function.

To further enlarge payloads, some models see an increase in the gross vehicle weight (GVW). For example, the MF 6715 S Dyna-4 now has a GVW of 11,000kg, and for the MF 6718 S, with its outstanding power-to-weight ratio, it’s now 12,500kg for the Dyna-VT model.

The MF 6715S Dyna-4 model has had its GVW increased to 11,000kg.

Traction capability is improved on the MF 7722 S Dyna-6 with the availability of wider 2.05m diameter (650/85R38 or 710/70R42) tyres.

A new feature – Active Mechanical Cab Suspension – is being introduced for the MF 8700 S. This offers Continuous Damping Control (CDC) for the ultimate comfort, both in the field and on the road. This system, already well known on MF 6700 S and MF 7700, provides optimum damping forces for all driving situations. It reduces heave/pitch and roll movements and reacts according to vehicle behaviour.

The CDC cab suspension system already established on MF7700 series tractors like this 7715 is now available on the MF8700 models as well.

Dyna-6 and Dyna-VT models from MF 6700 S and above ranges are available with either 40 or 50km/hr maximum speed. Braking improvements see speed automatically limited to 40km/hr, if the pedals are not linked for road transport.

Pneumatic dual-line trailer brakes become the standard offer for trailer braking. Hydraulic braking can be added at customer request.

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