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Zetor: Two new tractor models on the way for 2018

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Zetor Tractors is to introduce two new tractor models, the Utilix and Hortus, in the 40 to 70 hp segment. These will extend the brand’s range of  tractors that can be used in lighter applications and municipal work, and fills an important gap in the company’s offering.

The new Utilix range is made up of the Utilix HT45 and Utilix HT55 models, while the Hortus range includes the Hortus CL65 and Hortus HS65. All the tractors are reliable, powerful and easy to maintain, and will be launched in the first quarter of 2018.

“In recent times we’ve been observing developments in the segment of tractors with power below 80hp,” Zetor’s sales and mraketing director Robert Todt said. “The market share of this segment varies between 10 to 30 per cent of total sales, depending on the market. We’ve therefore reacted to the situation by launching two new models in four equipment specifications.”

The new tractors are equipped with four-cylinder engines with power outputs of 43, 49 and 67hp. Unlike the rest of the Zetor range, however, the Hortus and Utilix tractors will be built by South Korean manufacturer TYM and badged as Zetor models. According to Todt, it’s an arrangement that should also see Zetor’s larger tractors offered for sale in some of TYM’s Asian markets.

The heart of the new Utilix tractors is the four-cylinder engine. The Utilix HT 45 has a power of 43hp, while the more powerful Utilix HT 55 has 49hp. The engines meet the Stage IIIA emission standard, and the tractors are equipped with a three-speed hydrostatic transmission that enables the operator to control the speed of the tractor with two accelerator pedals and one brake pedal. The maximum speed of the tractor is 30km/hr.

A wet braking system makes the new tractor a safe working tool that meets the latest safety standards. The hydraulics system of the tractor is equipped with two oil pumps with a total flow rate of 52 or 56 lit/min respectively. Such rate is sufficient for work with front loaders and other accessories. Air-conditioning to increase the comfort of the operator is standard equipment.

The view into the cab of the new Zetor Hortus tractor.

The Hortus tractor is equipped with a four-cylinder engine with 67 hp that meets the Stage IIIB emission standard. The tractor is fitted with a mechanical transmission with 24 forward and 24 reverse gears. The Hortus HS model is further equipped with a PowerShuttle – a reverser that can change direction even under load.

The maximum speed of the tractor is 40km/hr and, just like the Utilix, it is also equipped with the  of wet brakes system. Two oil pumps provide the hydraulic system with a flow rate of 60 lit/min. This tractor is also equipped with air-conditioning, which makes the work of the operator easier, especially during long and hard work.

“These new tractors are small and light; therefore, they’re easier to control than bigger machines,” adds Todt. They can be used not only in cultivation and gardening, but also in stables and other areas where there’s limited space. Due to their manoeuvrability, they’re also ideal for municipal services.”

The new tractors can be ordered from the start of 2018, and the first of them will be delivered to customers in March 2018. With the introduction of the Utilix and Hortus, Zetor has expanded its product range to cover the market segments from 40 to 160hp.

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