The grassland Shakaerator has been designed for pasture maintenance.
AGRICULTURAL machinery manufacturer McConnel has transformed its grassland Shakaerator with a major overhaul. The established grassland subsoiler, developed as a natural extension to the company’s arable Shakaerator, has been re-launched to the agricultural, groundscare, horticultural and contract markets.
The award-winning manufacturer’s design engineers have created what they believe to be advanced subsoiling technology. McConnel claims that the combination of the machine’s optimum aeration levels with effective vibration and finishing create perfect soil conditioning for grassland to thrive.
Most immediately apparent is the introduction of a full-width roller replacing the two smaller rollers that trailed the sub-soiling leg. This rolls the field over the full width of the pass, and in doing so provides a better overall finish.
The new grassland Shakaerator is available in working widths of 2.0m and 2.5m.
Perhaps the most significant change is the option of a third leg on the 2.0m machine and an optional fourth leg on the 2.5m model to further increase the sub-soiling capability. This creates a three and four, 600mm, leg configuration incorporating McConnel’s own technology.
This development is designed to cater for differing soil types and tractor horsepower, but essentially the option of closer leg spacing delivers more advanced soil conditioning in a single pass across the full width of the tractor. The introduction of a third or fourth leg also reduces draught as each individual shank assists the neighbouring leg.
Importantly, the inherent, narrow-profile leg design of McConnel’s Shakaerator is also key to the overall quality of the grassland subsoiling process. Cutting discs are positioned immediately in front of each leg and these create precise cuts in the turf into which the Shakaerator legs slot perfectly creating minimal surface disturbance. The new full-width roller follows to close the opening and complete a superior finish.
While the simplicity of design, as is often the case, speaks volumes, according to McConnel marketing manager Wayne Brown, it is the evolutionary development and combination of factors that make this machine a winner.
“The concept has been around for some time at McConnel, but as with everything we do, nothing stands still and the new grassland Shakaerator delivers the most comprehensive pastureland soil conditioning achievable,” he said. “With the benefit of the PTO-powered vibration unit working in conjunction with other features of the machine, there is a high level of deep soil conditioning, but with minimal disruption to the soil surface.
“Compaction is effectively countered to improve aeration while the breaking up of the soil plough pan also improves drainage so you avoid the problems of surface run-off in the particularly wet weather and enable the moisture to come up through the ground in the dry weather.”

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