New Holland launched the T4 PowerStar at Sima 2011.
New Holland's unveiled its completely new T4 PowerStar tractors at Sima 2012. The new range offers three models - the T4.55, T4.65 and T4.75 - producing engine powers of 55, 64 and 74hp.
    The new entry level T4.55, together with the entire line up, enhances the choice available to farmers, local authorities and other operators looking for a highly versatile tractor. It offers excellent manoeuvrability, ergonomic comfort and fuel efficiency. The complete range is ideally suited to a wide range of both agricultural and non-agricultural tasks, including front loader activities, high-speed transport and PTO work. The entire T4 PowerStar series benefits from New Holland's acclaimed ergonomic excellence and distinctive styling cues.

    New Holland knows that operator comfort is a prerequisite for optimum productivity. As such, following extensive consultation with current users, the entire cab has been redesigned to offer unparalleled ergonomic excellence in this segment. The cab was designed around the operator using advanced virtual reality techniques. This has ensured that all controls fall perfectly to hand for operators of all shapes and sizes. The principal controls have been placed to the right of the operator in an ergonomic Command Arc to reduce fatigue and increase precision. This can be combined with an optional 15-degree swivel seat for those who extensively use rear-mounted equipment. The clear instrument cluster moves in conjunction with the fully tiltable steering column, which means operators will always have an unobstructed view of key operating parameters. It also facilitates easy entry and exit from the cab.

  The cab has been designed to ensure that all controls fall perfectly to hand for operators of all shapes and sizes.

    The T4 PowerStar benefits from a super flat floor for significantly improved comfort during long operating days and also boasts suspended pedals, which have been conveniently grouped to reduce fatigue. Wide-opening glass doors both enhance side visibility and enable swift and easy entry and exit during applications that require frequent 'in and out' of the cab such as feeding livestock. The cab also offers improved headroom as the air-conditioning fans have been relocated under the floor.
    The all-new dual-zone air-conditioning system means that operators can work in absolute comfort regardless of ambient temperature. Air flow can be precisely directed through 10 individual vents that all deliver even flow thanks to dual-zone technology. This achieves optimal total-body comfort, or in cases of extreme temperatures, super-fast defrosting of the windscreen. The B-pillar mounted controls fall perfectly to hand and can be intuitively adjusted while on the move. 
    The new cab offers industry-leading levels of visibility for loader work. The transparent, fully opening roof hatch guarantees perfect loader visibility throughout the entire operating range, even at maximum height. The roof hatch almost meets the front glass to reduce the obscured area to the lowest in the segment for improved precision during loader operation. Visibility is further enhanced by the large glazed areas offering an unobstructed view of front, rear- and mid-mounted equipment.
    The T4 Power Star cab offers operators a home away from home, with up to three power outlets for equipment monitors or a ready supply of electricity for personal equipment including mobile telephone chargers and MP3 players. The uniquely designed radio is fully integrated into the B pillar, this optimises the amount of space available to the operator.
    The T4.55, T4.65 and T4.75 is powered by Fiat Powertrain Technology's F5C mechanical injection engine. This 3.2-litre power plant boasts two valves per cylinder and offers maximum torque of up to 310Nm for the most demanding applications. This engine has already been used for more than three years in the current T4000 range and speciality series and is renowned for its fuel efficiency and reliability. Together with industry-leading 500-hour service intervals, the engine will use Stage 3A technology at launch to meet current emissions regulations. Overall vehicle efficiency is further enhanced with a 540rpm eco PTO option. This enables the engine to run at a lower working speed for reduced fuel consumption.

 The T4 is powered by Fiat Powertrain Technology's F5C mechanical injection engine which has a 500-hour service interval.

    The traditional 12x12 standard transmission offering is available throughout the entire range and can be enhanced with the addition of the optional hydraulic shuttle. This steering-column-mounted lever can be operated without removing the hand from the steering wheel, enhancing safety and improving loader productivity. An optional 20x20 creeper variant is available for speeds as low as 0.108km/h - ideal for specialist activities and precision applications such as seeding.
    The transmission controls will be familiar to users of New Holland's range of larger tractors: they are situated to the right of the operator. All gear changes can be carried out from the comfort of the seat, without the need to stretch and reach, and enable the operator to swiftly switch from the steering wheel to the lever for the ultimate in ergonomic operation and safety.
    Loader operation and productivity has been improved with the addition of an integrated joystick. This dedicated ergonomic feature provides operators with precision control of a front loader, or other specialist mid-mounted equipment, from the comfort of their seat without the need to stretch and twist their arms and wrists.
    Up to three hydraulic remotes are available on the T4 PowerStar range and offer standard flow of up to 48 lit/min. This ensures the required hydraulic performance even when carrying out the most demanding applications, including front loader and hay and forage applications. These remotes are located on the Command Arc for ergonomic and intuitive operation.
    The new T4 PowerStar range is available in both cabbed and ROPS variants. The ROPS platform shares the same ergonomic control layout as the cabbed version and boasts an identical flat floor and fully tiltable steering column. However, this model has been engineered by design with specific trim, fenders and noise protection to enhance the operator's experience. The ROPS version can also be specified with FOPS (Fall On Protection System), to offer users the ultimate in peace of mind when operating with loaders and in enclosed environments where they are at risk of falling objects.
    The T4 PowerStar styling is reminiscent of the award-winning T7 range. Key New Holland styling cues have been integrated into the overall design, including cats eye front lights and distinctive oval front and rear work lights to guarantee impressive visibility. They have been combined with the brand's signature sloping nose for unobstructed forward visibility.

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