The 2012 MF 7300S Activa combine features a new Agco Sisu Power engine with SCR.
Two new MF 7300 Activa S combines extend the Massey Ferguson harvesting range for the 2012 season. The new machines feature the latest engine technology, a choice of threshing systems, the ability to fit the high-capacity PowerFlow headers and a host of other significant specification enhancements.
    Both new models are powered by Agco Sisu Power engines, equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR), developing 243hp in the five straw-walker Activa 7345S and 276hp in the six straw-walker Activa 7347S.
    "The Activa S range has gained a superb reputation for flexible performance and reliability," MF powered harvesting manager Adam Sherriff said. "It's a real all-rounder that now provides medium to large farmers and contractors with new technology, extra comfort and ease of operation from a straightforward design.
    "The new models are also very flexible machines that provide excellent harvesting performance, quality and economy in any crop. As well as a completely new, modern external design the harvesters now come with a wide choice of specifications to suit customers' specific requirements."
    The new Activa 7300S combines are available with a choice of threshing and feed systems with either the Hi-Inertia threshing cylinder with Active Beater Concave module, or the renowned Multi Crop Separator with Power Feed Roller.
    Massey Ferguson was the first manufacturer to introduce SCR on a combine and now the new MF 7300 Activa S models benefit from the latest Generation 2 version of this fuel-saving technology. Both combines are powered by six-cylinder Agco Sisu Power engines; a 6.6-litre unit developing 243hp on the MF 7345S Activa and a 7.4-litre engine with 276hp in the MF 7347S Activa.
    The SCR system treats the exhaust gases with AdBlue after combustion and allows engineers to set the engine for optimum power and economy. This results in unrivalled fuel economy, while also meeting the latest Stage 3b emissions regulations.
Agco Sisu Power's Generation 2 SCR system employs an advanced diesel oxidation catalyser that includes the AdBlue dosing injector nozzle. From here exhaust gases receive further treatment by SCR catalysers and slip cats. Both machines have a 620-litre capacity fuel tank and a separate tank for AdBlue that holds 80 litres.
    The well-proven PowerFlow header is now available on Activa combines for the first time on the new MF 7345S and MF 7347S models. Available in widths from 5.4-6.2m, the continuous belt feed to gather crops reduces table losses significantly and presents an even heads-first crop flow. This can boost output by up to 73 per cent in oilseed rape, 15 per cent in wheat and 12 per cent in barley. Alternatively customers can choose the FreeFlow table in widths from 4.8-7.6m.
    Auto-Level tables are standard, as is automatic reel speed adjustment relative to ground speed through the new hydraulic drive system. Both headers attach to the new heavy-duty feederhouse, which extends further forward to improve visibility during connection and operation. Also new is a three V-belt drive system.
    A new reverser can be used to clear any blockages in uneven crop conditions. This very reliable system can be engaged to reverse the drive to the table auger, Power Feed Roller (if fitted), PowerFlow table belts and main elevator.
    With the introduction of the new MF 7300 Activa S combines Massey Ferguson is providing customers with a choice of two, extremely well-proven threshing and separating systems that employ the 600mm diameter Hi Inertia cylinder that is 1,340mm wide on the MF 7345S and 1,600mm wide on the MF 7347S. Both have independent - front and rear - concave adjustment, which is set electrically with buttons in the cab.
    From here customers have a choice of how to further treat the crop starting with the straightforward addition of the Active Beater Concave providing 14 degrees of additional concave wrap. Those requiring more versatility can select the Multi Crop Separator version that provides the best separation while remaining gentle on the straw. This employs an additional rotary separator element that has the unique ability to rotate the concave completely out of work when it is not needed. This increases harvesting flexibility and improves the grain sample, particularly in dry conditions and when operating with brittle straw.
    Retracting and fitting the concave into position is electrically controlled by buttons on the left-hand side of the machine. This version comes with the Power Feed Roller, which is fitted at the bottom of the crop elevator and presents an even feed into the cylinder.

The new Activa combines have extra working lights.

    The MF 7300 Activa S combines employ 4.7m long, straw-walkers that feature four steps and 210mm high Active Walls that provide a larger open surface area for more efficient separation. The MF 7345S has five walkers, while the MF 7347S has six. For extra durability the front steps are also thicker to cope with the high flow from the threshing system and closed-bottom walkers are hot dip galvanised to protect them from corrosion.
    Both machines now benefit from a new 8,600-litre capacity grain tank, which is fitted with electrically folding lids capable of preventing water ingress from light showers. Two grain tank sensors warn operators when the tank is at 70 per cent capacity and completely full. Unloading is by a 4.5m long Turret auger that discharges at a rate of 85 lit/sec.
    A new cab, befitting the capacity and performance of the new MF 7300 Activa S models, provides operators with the utmost comfort, ease of control and climate control air-conditioning and heater as standard.
    An air-suspended seat is fitted with a new armrest and console, which includes the Multi-Function Lever control system, along with a cluster of rocker switches for the most commonly used functions, including threshing system engagement.
    All combine settings are now displayed on the Agritronic Plus information and control system, including the concave front and rear opening adjustments. This comprehensive system can be used, for example, to set the drum or fan speed, monitor losses as well as the cutting height and pressure.
    Operators also now have a clear view into the grain tank through a large glass rear window that provides a quick and easy check of the sample quality.
    The spacious cab, which offers improved visibility through a wide screen, is now fitted with additional lighting with six top working lights, all adjustable and fitted with reliable and powerful H9 bulbs. Lower down are two low beam and two high beam headlamps as well as two further working lights.
    The new MF 7300 Activa S range sets itself apart with its new modern and practical styling. Massey Ferguson continues with its extensive use of hot-dip galvanising for the panels and structure to enhance durability and increase residual values.

 MF 7300 Activa S combines
 Model  MF 7345 S Activa  MF 7347 S Activa
 Engine  Six-cylinder, 6.6 litres
 six-cylinder, 7.4 litres
 Power  243hp  276hp
 Straw walkers
 Five  Six
 PowerFlow header widths  5.4-6.2m
 FreeFlow header widths  4.8-7.6m
 Grain tank capacity  8,600 litres
 Unloading auger length  4.5m

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