The special edition Claas Lexion 750 is signed by Helmut Claas.
To commemorate 75 years of building combines, Claas is offering a special edition of the Lexion 750 with special features until November 30, 2011. Each machine comes hand signed by Helmut Claas and with an original drawing of the APS Hybrid System that he developed.
    The anniversary edition of the Lexion 750 stands out by virtue of special features such as the new Terra Trac crawler track assembly with a 735mm wide track capable of travel speeds up to 40km/hr, or the CMotion ground speed control lever that can be used to conveniently control multiple control elements without having to reach over.
    A new closed threshing drum produces harvested material of even higher quality, while another feature is the Profi Cam camera that is mounted on the grain tank discharge auger tube and can be used to monitor grain transfer and chaff distribution. The camera also enables the driver to keep an eye on the back end of the machine while reversing.

The special edition Lexion 750 celebrates 75 years of combine building at Claas.

    Other special equipment on the Lexion 750 includes a Cebis Mobile terminal with display for Cemos and GPS Pilot. The electronic machine optimisation system (Cemos) assists the driver by making suggestions which the driver can choose to follow or not. In this way the system helps the driver to achieve an optimum machine configuration.
    Telematics and GPS Pilot round off the anniversary edition. The GPS Pilot guides the combine harvester along the edge of the cut with an accuracy of 2cm. Thanks to Telematics, information ranging from the quality of the harvested material to diesel consumption can be retrieved online at any time.

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