Bomford Turner's Hawk Evo follows the design cues first seen on the company's Falcon arm mower.
The popular Bomford Hawk arm mower has been brought in line with the latest Evo design that was initially introduced on the company's Falcon model earlier this year.
    The new Hawk Evo will be available with three reaches - 5.4m; 6.0m and 6.5m - and there is the option of parallel geometry and 5.4m and 6.0m forward arm versions. Designed for use with tractors of 65hp and above, and with a minimum weight of just 3,000kg, the new Hawk Evo is ideal for farmers, smaller contractors and amenity use.
    The most noticeable feature of the Hawk Evo is the stylish new rounded design of the hood. While outwardly striking, this new rounded shape is designed to allow easier access by enabling the hood to open through 90 degrees, providing unhindered access to the hydraulic components and simplifying removal of the oil filter.
    For added security, the curved hood can now be locked in order to protect the valves and filters. It also prevents access to the filler for the 207-litre hydraulic oil tank.
    In redesigning the Hawk Evo, particular attention has also been paid to the panel-to-panel gaps and panel-to-frame tolerances. By ensuring that the gaps are kept as small as possible, this helps avoid the ingress of dust and debris, so keeping the filter and filler areas cleaner to help avoid the risk of contamination.
    The new striking design includes distinctive rear decals and the use of LED rear lights in order to help draw drivers' attention to the machine.
    The Hawk Evo features an independent 60hp, 100 lit/min hydraulic system, powered by twin gear-driven pumps, plus there is the option to upgrade to a more powerful 125 lit/min hydraulic system. The new Hawk Evo range is oil cooled as standard when proportional controls are specified.
    Both the standard and parallel arm version feature a gravity breakout system and a power slew of 94 degrees and 90 degrees respectively, with the option of manual or hydraulic arm float and electronic headfloat. On the forward-arm version, an additional arm brings the cutting head 800mm forwards, so that it is alongside the driving position.
    All three versions of the Hawk Evo can be specified with Bomford Pro-Trim flail cutting heads with working widths up to 1.5m, or for thicker vegetation they are also suitable for use with the new ProSaw blade head, which is available in working widths from 1.6m up to 2.4m.
    Depending on requirement, the Hawk Evo can be specified with either cable controls or the EPP3 or ICS electronic control systems. Using a joystick, EPP3 provides proportional control over two services, while ICS provides additional control over head angling, slewing and telescopic arm control on 6.5m reach models, plus it provides a digital display for hours worked and service codes.
    In common with all Bomford reach arm mowers, the Hawk Evo is supplied ready-to-go, complete with hydraulic oil and a standard two-year warranty.

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