New holland's 100hp T5 Series features a new cab for 2012.
New Holland previewed its new T5.115 at Agritechnica as part of the completely reinvented T5 Series that is set to redefine the standard in the livestock and mixed farming segments.
    The T5.95 (99hp), T5.105 (107hp) and the T5.115 (114hp) bring significantly increased engine powers to this tractor segment.
    "The new T5 is set to become the default choice for mid-sized livestock and mixed farmers with an eye on the future," New Holland's
head of tractor product management, Pierre Lahutte, said. "Today’s T5 is the distillation of an extensive customer consultation, and offers outstanding visibility, ergonomic controls, an ultra-comfortable cab and segment leading performance.” 
    New Holland knows that operator comfort is a prerequisite for optimum productivity, especially during long and demanding days. The new VisionView cab has been designed around the operator using advanced virtual reality techniques to offer unparalleled ergonomic excellence. All controls fall perfectly to hand for operators of all shapes and sizes. The principal controls, including the electronic draft control mouse, PTO speed selection and hydraulic remote levers, among others, have been placed to the right of the operator in an ergonomic ‘Command Arc’ to reduce fatigue and increase precision.
    A dedicated foot pedal to infinitely adjust the position of the steering column and integrated instrument cluster is located at the base of the column and enables precision placement while in the actual driving position.
    The transparent, fully opening roof hatch guarantees an unfettered view of the loader throughout the entire operating range, even at maximum height. The cab roof incorporates a narrow roof beam, a familiar feature to New Holland users, to reduce the obscured area to the lowest in the segment.
    The curved opening rear side glasses offer a clear line of sight for rear-mounted off-set mowers and the rear high visibility panel extends the rear windscreen for an enhanced view when hitching. The repositioned exhaust silencer, now in line with the A-pillar, significantly enhances visibility with a perfect view of the inner tyre wall, ideal when working in narrow row-crop applications.
    An all-new air-conditioning system features 10 individually positionable vents, which all deliver even flow thanks to dual-zone technology for optimal total-body comfort. The B-pillar-mounted controls fall perfect to hand, and can be intuitively adjusted while on the move. Natural ventilation has been further enhanced courtesy of the side opening windows and optional front and rear windscreens; the latter boasts a two-stage opening.
    The entire T5 range is fitted with new 3.4-litre common-rail, turbocharged F5C engines developed by Fiat Powertrain Technologies that feature cooled exhaust gas recirculation technology for Stage 3B compliance. The uprated engines have improved torque back up to 51 per cent meaning that when the going gets tough you keep going, all while saving fuel. The entire range is compatible with B20 (20 per cent) biodiesel.
    The engines have been designed specifically for agricultural applications and develop maximum power at 1900rpm, right in the working range, while the extended maximum torque profile from 1,700–2,100rpm further improves flexibility in the majority of applications. The 540rpm PTO speed is also achieved at 1,900 engine rpm to ensure constant productivity when PTO-driven implements are placed under load. The 540 Eco PTO speed equates to a mere 1,535 engine rpm for reduced fuel consumption.
    Three aggressiveness-settings on the ergonomic, column-mounted PowerShuttle can be swiftly and easily regulated. The soft setting is perfect for field activities such as baling, medium for standard work and the highly sensitive setting has been specifically designed to offer almost-instantaneous direction changes for intensive loader work.
    The new T5 range benefits from a redesigned hydraulic system that offers segment-leading performance of
up to 127 lit/min of combined flow. The dedicated steering pump delivers a maximum of 43 lit/min that ensures the steering remains super light even when undertaking intensive loader work.
    Both the new rear- and mid-mounted remote valves feature load-sensing technology and are perfect for specialist applications such as intensive loader applications and hedge cutting. Overall hydraulic flow now tops some 84 lit/min which means that even the most demanding hydraulic applications, such as bale wrapping, can be carried out with ease. Operations that carry out less intensive hydraulic work can opt for the 65 lit/min pump.
    The T5 has been designed with loaders in mind and is fully compatible with the New Holland 700TL factory-fitted loader. The improved maximum lift capacity of 1,850kg, when combined with the maximum hydraulic flow of up to 80 lit/min ensures fast cycle times for improved productivity.
    Visibility is also significantly enhanced as the loader arms, when fully lowered, are in line with the top of the bonnet for an unfettered forward line of sight. The internal levelling function ensures every grain is kept in the bucket throughout the entire lift cycle, as well as protecting hydraulic lines from snagging for extended trouble-free working.
    The loader mounting brackets have been repositioned 150mm further back in a lower position to enhance overall stability, even when transporting the heaviest loads at full extension. The optional electronic joystick, which is fully integrated into the seat armrest, offers precision loader control and superfast reaction times, together with reduced fatigue at the end of a long days.
    The optional, modular and semi-integrated front linkage and PTO is perfect for hay and forage customers who work with front mounted mowers, and the impressive 1,840kg lift capacity, available throughout the entire range, means full compatibility with even the heaviest implements. Furthermore, New Holland is unique in the segment in offering the choice between electronic and mechanical draft control for precision management of front-mounted equipment. The optional multifunction support enables the front linkage and PTO to be retrofitted should a change in business focus occur. It also offers a New Holland first in that front ballast can now be fully integrated. 
    The T5 range’s inherent versatility means that it will be used in a wide range of applications, therefore an extensive range of tyres can be specified; from the lowest profile R30, right through to R38 tyres, which offer exceptional ground clearance to protect valuable vegetable crops, as well as increasing traction and reducing soil compaction. Turf tyres, perfect for large scale groundcare operations on golf courses and turf-care activities, can also be fitted.
    The new T5 models will make their debut in the UK and Ireland during grassland demonstration activities in the early summer of 2012.

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